Coming Soon…

Just a little blog post to say – my story hasn’t finished yet!

Even though I’m very happy with the way my vagina looks and feels, I feel like other areas of the body need some special attention.

Of course there is only one place I can go back to as I trust it so much.

So my next treatment at The Women’s Health Clinic is going to be a surprise!

But I will give you a hint he he. It includes a laser …………………!!!


Watch this space!

My Story: Being on This Morning TV show

I thought it would be a great idea to talk about my experience on This Morning. I felt nervous about going on in front of everyone but all I kept thinking women need to know about this amazing treatment.

I’m a big fan of This Morning and watch Philip and Holly all the time. I was so excited when The Women’s Health Clinic told me I’d be sitting next to them on the sofa! I was getting so nervous leading up to it and then oh no – something had happened; could they move the slot to another day?

Ok so I understand things happen and we move to another day and then I’m about to print out my train tickets and then ring again. Can we postpone? I was so gutted I thought I’d never get on! I was really worried it would never happen and I’d miss my opportunity to tell women all about this treatment.

Then finally, the day arrived and I drove to the train station – major delays on the line nooooo! I was so stressed but luckily I got down there ok and the whole team treated me so lovely. I felt so relaxed once we got talking and Dr Zoe was lovely. Philip really made me laugh and Holly is just as nice in person as how you see on camera.

Since I have been on the show I have had over 100 + women get into with me to tell me it helped them and they have gained confidence to talk to their GP or chat to The Women’s Health Clinic and their worry about being ‘normal’ has now gone since hearing about Nu-V. Amazing!

Please do get in touch if you have any questions of your own – I’ve tried to cover most of the concerns I had via this blog but I would love to help if you have anything else to ask.