My Story: After My First Treatment

Wooooooooow okay then where do I start? This is the exciting bit. As soon as I had it done I felt a little warm down there and I drove home as normal and went to groom my last dog of the day. I didn’t feel any pain – brilliant! It felt like I had something down there but the biggest shock came on day 2.

I’m with my partner and we started kissing etc. and guess what? I’m feeling aroused for like the first time in like how many years? I’m feeling like I can’t resist so yes I couldn’t wait the 4 days but luckily my vagina was ok as I healed quite quickly.

Honestly, I felt like a virgin again! Down below felt tighter and I felt I was doing it for my partner for once as he seemed like he was enjoying it more and guess what? Jackpot! The orgasm was so quick and so strong I felt I had won the lottery.

When you have felt like there was no point in sex and then you get to that I was like how amazing was that!!!!

I messaged Nurse Aly in the morning…… “OMG Aly I’m so sorry I know I was meant to wait but I just couldn’t help it!” I said it felt so nice to be able to enjoy sex again without worrying (is he thinking I’m loose?) I felt so confident I wanted to shout it from the rooftops and this is only day 2 so every day I’m now trying to do my pelvic floor exercises 15 times and hold for a few seconds. I tend to do mine when I get into bed. The Nu-V will keep on tightening for up to 4 weeks and after around 2 weeks I got even more tighter and even better my orgasms got stronger.

Also I noticed I’d not leak when I cough, this is just after one treatment that cost £499. That’s a fraction of the cost of surgery as surgery can cost thousands of pounds and even then it leaves scarring and could reduce sensation.

When I saw the clinic had a 3 for the price of 2 for £999 pounds I booked it. I had my 2nd one 4 weeks later as I just wanted to make sure everything was back to how it was before kids. This time I was so much tighter the cage actually got stuck! It didn’t hurt but we had a little laugh about how good the Nu-V is. I still haven’t had my 3rd treatment, that’s there for when ever I like.

What else I really liked about this is that you can split the payment so take £499 for the first treatment and then when you have enough for the 2nd you can take the other half up. So it’s not as much to save at the start making it easier to be able to get it done.

But I would honestly like to thank The Women’s Health Clinic for getting ‘ME’ back, not just a tired working mom. I’m now a confident, excited working mom that feels able to jump on a trampoline with the kids and drink pints of water and still laugh and joke and cough with out leaking. I mean that 25 minutes is all it took to get me back. I’ll be honest it’s the best thing if done in my life.

Another thing every one at the clinic are registered nurses who have been nurses in everything from urology to midwives like Aly. Emma the Director of the company is very down to earth, I sit there and tell them any thing – I bet they know more about my sex life now than my friends! They are amazing.