My Story: Speaking to the Media

It’s not often women talk about their vagina’s openly, but I’ve always wondered why we’re so embarrassed? It’s part of our bodies and should be accepted, which is why I wanted to tell ladies who might be in a similar situation how I helped myself to get my pre-birth vagina back!

I’ve been getting a lot of stick for this but I decided to speak to the media about my experience because basically there’s a lot of women out there that haven’t got the kind of money for surgical procedures and you can’t even get any thing like this on the NHS.

People tell you do your pelvic floor exercises (Hello I did!) but after having my last 2 children so close together 12 months apart, I think there was just too much strain down there. I want to be the voice or the women you can talk to and not be afraid to say how you really are feeling and experiencing and if I can help more women out there to gain back them then I rest my case.

I feel that women should be more honest about how they are feeling then we can change things for the better. Stop spending your money on surgeries, start telling your GPs about this non-invasive procedure and let’s get things changed!

But please, if you are considering having it or just want to ask a question feel free to ask below or private message me. I’d love to help with your concerns.


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